Brainy Soccer HD

4.6 ( 8906 ratings )
Deportes Juegos
Desarrollador Felix Law
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Are you ready to play a soccer game that requires intelligence? Do you prefer a soccer board game that is NOT decided by “luck” or “chance”?

BRAINY SOCCER is a brain teasing game based on the 7-A-Side Soccer rules. This whole new concept requires fast decision making ability and superior strategic planning to excel. It is a ‘hybrid’ of real 7-A-Side Soccer and logical board game that your intelligence is challenged. Besides brain teasing, this game will give you lots of fun, and the variations of moves and kicks are almost unlimited.

New concepts and features:

No rolling the die or drawing a card is needed to determine moves and kicks.

You plan and position the players freely on the game board at the start of the game.

In every turn, you can do multiple kicks (up to 3 kicks) and moves that resemble real 7-A-Side Soccer game.

7-A-Side Soccer rules apply; corner kick, outfield throw-ins etc.

Undo moves and kicks for one turn if you make a wrong decision.

A ‘Save’ feature that can save and resume up to 3 games if you want to continue the games later.

Screen camera control with ‘two fingers’ to move the game board up and down for a better view of the field.

A timer you can set the length of the game up to 90 minutes.

3-D animation of players on the playing field board adds fun while your brain is busy figuring out the moves and passes
3 difficulty levels that you can enjoy the relaxing level, ‘Recreation level’, to the very challenging level, ‘World Cup Level’.